Frequently asked questions

When should a neurosurgeon be consulted?

You must have exhausted all therapeutic resources: medical treatment, ineffective physiotherapy before you come to see a neurosurgeon.

What documents are required for the consultation?

For any consultation, you must be referred by your attending physician or a specialist. It is essential that you have a letter from this doctor, a recent radiological check-up (MRI less than 6 months), and any other information that your general practitioner or specialist considers necessary.

Also think about your identity papers, health insurance card, recent exams, current treatments and personnel.

How to access the La Source clinic?

By car

At the address Av. Jomini 8, 1004 Lausanne. Parking de La Source (limited spaces); Parking de Beaulieu; Parking de la Riponne.

By public transport

With the TL buses line 1, 2, 3, 21 stop Beaulieu-Jomini.

Should I plan a convalescent home after my operation?

If you wish to be transferred to a post-operative convalescent home, it is absolutely necessary to specify this on the day of your consultation and, if necessary, provide us with its contact details.

How long is the hospital stay?

The length of hospitalization obviously depends on the pathology treated. Many spinal pathologies require only short hospitalizations (one or two days). In some selected cases, your surgeon will propose an outpatient procedure.

Can accompanying persons have a meal on the premises?

Yes, by ordering it from the catering service, which visits the rooms daily. There is also a cafeteria and restaurant open to the public within the Clinic.

Is it possible to stay with a relative who is hospitalized?

It is possible to request an accompanying person’s bed if the patient is in a single room. Contact the unit’s staff. Ask at the reception desk or from the staff.

How can I contact a surgeon after surgery (for families)?

Surgeons receive families for any information. Contact the secretariat for an appointment or a telephone appointment.

How long is the recovery time?

The recovery period depends on many factors, treated pathologies, medical history, professions,…
The average labour stoppage for a lumbar disc herniation is 6 weeks.

When should rehabilitation begin?

The surgeon often recommends starting rehabilitation after a rest and healing period of 2 to 4 weeks post-operatively. In some cases, an immediate rehabilitation prescription will be provided to start immediately upon discharge, based on the advice of the department’s physiotherapist team.

What are the possible activities during convalescence, and how to resume activities (walking, car, etc.)?
These modalities depend on your pathology and the type of surgery that has been performed. The surgeon and physiotherapists will give you information during your stay, and a form will be given to you. During the post-operative consultation, the surgeon will adapt his recommendations to your evolution.

When can I drive again?

This decision depends on the intervention that has been carried out. The recommendation will be given to you by your surgeon with the physiotherapist team, the driving resumption is generally done between 15 days and 1 month.

It still hurts, is that normal?

Do I still have ants in my foot, in my hand? I still have my sciatica, is that normal?
In most pathologies of the nervous system and the spine, uncomfortable symptoms (cramps, ants,…) can last long enough after the operation and can even be painful enough. This situation is not uncommon. Healing the nerves, reducing inflammation takes time, and your surgeon is available to reassure you and organize a follow-up or a close check-up according to the individual evolution of each one.

Is it normal that I am not given an appointment for a follow-up visit?

Your surgeon decides, when you leave, on the modalities of your post-operative monitoring. For some procedures (e. g. a simple lumbar disc hernia), the surgeon may decide with your agreement not to impose a return trip to the Cedars 1 month after the procedure, and will simply ask you to contact him/her in case of a problem. In other cases, a consultation appointment will be given to you when you leave.